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Connectivity & Communications Services

Our comprehensive portfolio provides both the one-off rural connectivity solutions and integrated voice, video, data and content services necessary to quickly advance society and drive economic growth in remote regions around the world.

 We Offer:

  • Rural Broadband and Internet Services
  • Connectivity for SCADA and Remote Office Solutions for oil & gas, mining, utilities and environmental protection—including fixed and mobile VSATs
  • Contingency or Primary Satellite Connectivity for ATMs, micro-finance, cooperatives, bank branches, embassies, municipalities, insurance companies, emergency responders and disaster recovery
  • Cellular Backhaul over satellite connectivity for remote areas; 2G and 4G autonomous cell solutions including satellite connectivity for remote towns, mining camps, oil & gas camps, resorts and construction sites
  • Streaming Video solutions to facilitate one-off events or permanent IP video streaming for training, marketing or political campaign purposes
  • Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Services, processing, and storage applications for users with limited connectivity
  • Local Dynamic Cache 1TB Storage Solutions with preloaded required content and automatic updates during non-usage hours via multicast over our satellite networks
  • Premium Broadband Television featuring top line up of international programming targeted to the Hispanic, African and Caribbean markets. Channels delivered via IPTV or a video server, with content updates multicast over our iDirect satellite networks
  • End-to-End Content Distribution Solutions including Satellite Uplink, Satellite Downlink, Turnaround and HD Playout services
  • Education and Telemedicine Solutions integrated with satellite connectivity
  • USA Origination Services