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Autonomous Cellular Solution

Get the cell phone coverage your organization needs to stay connected in remote regions around the globe with our Autonomous Cellular Solution, a low-cost, turnkey system that can be deployed anytime, anywhere.

  • Use as Standalone GSM Solution: Provides seamless, standalone GSM coverage in remote, rural areas
  • Connect with VoIP Services for Global Coverage: Easily integrates with VoIP service provider, extending network to facilitate calls to and from the outside world
  • Do-it-Yourself: Easy to transport, deploy and manage. Compact, lightweight mobile unit is equipped with Web-based O&M, GUI page featuring easy step-by-step instructions in multiple languages for quick configuration, commissioning and monitoring.


Ideal for:

  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Construction Sites
  • Military Deployments
  • NGOs
  • Disaster Recovery