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Airport control tower at sunset in Sofia, Bulgaria

NewCom Helps Air Traffic Control Centers Keep Planes Flying

Air traffic control centers in sixteen airports scattered throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S. now have a state-of-the-art communications system and critical, around-the-clock monitoring and support, thanks to the comprehensive engineering, infrastructure and project management solution provided by NewCom International, a SpeedCast Group Company.

The communications system overhaul was commissioned by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN agency created to oversee the safety and uniformity of air traffic control centers, to ensure that all sixteen airports—many located on small islands throughout the Caribbean—were equipped with the most advanced, standardized communications and monitoring system available.

Comsoft, a Germany-based company specializing in advanced communications technology for the air traffic control industry that was recently acquired by Frequentis, selected NewCom as its partner for the large-scale project because of the broad ranges of services the company provides.

“This project covered sixteen airports across a large geographic location spanning from Atlanta, Georgia to Colombia and the needs were numerous,” notes Victor Pabon, who oversees project management operations for NewCom. “They needed our world-class teleport in Miami that could serve as the main communications facility and network master station, and provide the necessary fiber infrastructure and colocation services. They needed our 24/7 Network Operations Center to handle the first level of support when issues arise. They also needed us to manage the entire project—from overseeing equipment installation at all sixteen airports to managing the conversion to the new network when the time was ready.“

It was the kind of challenge on which NewCom, which specializes in technology integrations, engineering and project management solutions for complex government and business communications projects, thrives.

Now, nine months after facilitating the design, installation and activation of the new air traffic control communications system, NewCom has become an integral part of the ongoing operations. Along with providing the first level of support for the air traffic control centers, NewCom facilitates all associated logistics, including storing spare equipment and overseeing shipping and inventory.

For Pabon, the broad range of services NewCom provides boils down to one thing: addressing the customer’s needs.

“We are an agile, flexible company that will do whatever it takes to provide our customers with the complete solution they need at the most affordable price possible, but without sacrificing quality.” notes Pabon.“There were a lot of reasons we made sense for this project,” he adds. “Along with our engineering and project management expertise, we own all the necessary infrastructure, which made us more cost effective. Our fully bilingual Network Operations and Engineering staff is also a huge asset when working with air traffic control centers throughout Latin America.”