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Education Anywhere™

Our Education Anywhere™ Platform is an affordable, turnkey solution that enables governments and NGOs to deliver seamless connectivity, interactive videoconferencing services and much needed educational content to remote classrooms throughout the world.

  • Affordable Wi-Fi connectivity for remote schools & communities
  • Firewall & web filtering functionality: Secure Internet access for students, with automated blocking of inappropriate Web content
  • Cloud based pre-caching of most used educational content
  • Protection against Internet attacks & viruses
  • Government-approved bilingual English/Spanish educational content for grades K-12
  • Efficient distribution & scheduled after-hours updates of educational content
  • Online access to educational administration/measurement services for students and educators
  • Interactive videoconferencing services
  • Comprehensive educator training


Includes Design, Implementation, Commissioning, Web Monitoring Tools, Monthly Content Usage & Traffic Report