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NOC Attention Schedule

Newcom International Network Operations Center (NOC) is the point of contact to provide support for new activations and monitoring of all existing services.


Miami Teleport: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00pm EST.
Peru Teleport: 24/7

All reports related to any problem concerning existing services will be attended 24/7 and all necessary actions will be taken until problem is resolved.

Any request not contemplated as a new activation or attention to a problem affecting existing services requiring NOC support outside of the time frame of Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 7:00pm EST, must be coordinated with the NOC 48 hours ahead of time.

The Most Effective Way to Contact Us and Obtain Immediate Feedback with an Issue ID (Trouble Ticket #) is by
Submitting a Service Request through our Website – Left Menu – Support


Escalation List

First Level Support

Access the NewCom NOC as the initial and single point of contact to report any technical problem with or concern about the operation of the service(s) provided by NewCom. A trouble ticket will be open by the NOC operator and the number given should be used from that moment on in any communication with the NOC to facilitate the identification of the issue. Issues can be created by the customer through the Website.

Network Operations Center (NOC)
Web: Main Menu > Support
Phone: Miami: (305) 627-6010
Peru: (305) 914-1341


Second Level Support

If the issue requires higher level of expertise, there is an internal escalation procedure within NewCom’s support group. NewCom NOC will follow this procedure whenever it is required, but the assigned NOC Engineer will remain as the single point of contact for updates on the resolution of the problem.

NOC Management
Victor Pinol, NOC Manager
Office: (305) 914-1278 – Cel: (786) 419-3810


Management Level Support

In the extraordinary case a technical problem has not been resolved in a timely and adequate manner; the customer can escalate the problem to the management divisions

Operations Management
Raul Acosta, Director of Operations
Office: (305) 914-1283 – Cel: (786) 412-2278

Commercial Management
Dora Mejia, Director of Sales
Office: (305) 914-1264 – Cel: (786) 412-2754

General Management
Jaime Dickinson, President
Office: (305) 914-1266 – Cel: (786) 412-2751


For any Billing inquiries please contact:

Billing inquiries
Alejandra Finol, Accounting
Office: (305) 914-1291