Network Operation Centres

Americas: +1 832 668 2775

+51 1707 3841 (Spanish)
+305 627 6010 (Spanish, Peru)

Europe: +44 1224 773 727

Asia:  +65 6715 9894 and +852 3919 6700

Australia: +61 (08) 8260 8300 or +675 706 731 47

Services Desk: Mobile Satellite Services

Oceania: +61 7 3073 8850

Europe: +30 216 100 1444


Design and Installation

The system is designed so that:

  • Remote access and management is built-in
  • SLA and break-fix expectations are clear and realistic from the outset

During the installation phase, Speedcast Engineers will train key staff in basic diagnostics and troubleshooting, so that problems are identified quickly.

Monitoring and Management

Once a service goes live, it is monitored remotely 24/7/365, using monitoring tools which include:

  • Monitoring of all satellite signals
  • SNMP/IP monitoring of key network devices
  • Traffic flow into and out of each port
Monthly Reporting

You will receive a monthly service report including:

  • Summary of Tickets
  • Bandwidth Utilisation
  • Service Level Availability
  • Service recommendations

Please contact your Regional Service Desk if you require this reporting.


Speedcast monitoring system often allows identification and elimination of problems before they are visible to users.

Speedcast operates a 24-hour helpline for fault reporting.

All faults and problems are dealt with through a ticket system. You can receive e mail notification for fault tickets and have secure web-browser access.

A trouble ticket (TT) is opened for every service problem regardless of source (customer call or network originated). Fault clearance starts immediately after TT opening.

Our engineers will initiate remote diagnostics and will work with your onsite team to resolve the fault. If required, we will mobilise our techs to the remote site.

During fault resolution, Speedcast will provide updates to the Customer by telephone, e-mail, or in person.

An outage ends when we notify the customer that the Service has been repaired. The Customer may test the Service before accepting clearance.


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